“…you are always working to improve yourself.  In the few years I have known you you have accomplished so much, just imagine what more you can do a few years from now!”

– Kristi Pinnell

“…he is always smiling and working hard.  He really pushes himself to excel.  I am amazed at his level of respect for others, his dedication to succeeding and his drive towards helping others…”

– Summer Horsley, M.S., MESA Program Director

“He is a Recreation Counselor and works with K-5 children.  A lot of these children do not have fathers or even older brothers and he has made a huge impact on their lives.  He is truly loved by all the students and has earned the respect of their parents.  He is extremely responsible and has a genuine work ethic…”

– Edythe Wexler, Assistant Director

“… his strengths in the work environment include his ability to comprehend and understand complex policies and procedures with little effort, his ability to get along well with others and his flexibility.  In addition he is very thoughtful and intuitive when dealing with unpleasant situations…”

– Phyllis White, Operations Manager

“…he has shown leadership qualities in organizing and arranging several programs and events on his campus…

…he is not the type of person that gets discouraged from taking on challenges and sees any situation as a learning opportunity…”

– Rabbi Dov Sales, UCSD Campus


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Chief Technology Officer & VP Operations
Chief Technology Officer & VP Operations


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Kristi Pinnell Recommendation, Page 1
Kristi Pinnell Recommendation, Page 2
Certificate of Appreciation from STARR
UJF Super Sunday Volunteer
Edythe Wexler Reccomendation
Phyllis White Recommendation
JAM Recommendation
Summer Horsley Recommendation